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The Barber's School

Learn a prestigious, all needed and highly paid profession only for 35 hours

Become a barber


What is it?

Barbershop is a place where men can do a haircut, lineup a beard and have a rest from daily routine. Here they speak about real man's deals. You will be always offered a glass of strong scottish whiskey. If you are bored, you can just walk in barbershop and excellent spend time in the male atmosphere.

Barbershops have been always existing, but in those times they were called differently, for example: barber (tsirulnik), a hairdresser for man, bradobreynia.

Barbers are very talented and smart people who can talk on any topics. Following the history of barbershop and professional development of barbers, we can say bravely that these definitions are eternal and they will always be in trend.

retro barber

The profession of barber

Why does this job is so attractive?

Barber is an individual who is always in a high demand. 95% of barbershops are looking for a real masters. The working place for barbers is guaranteed.

$1 000

It is a barner’s average salary per month not including tips from clients. It is much more higher than an average salary in Ukraine.


It is simple. You work when you want. You choose the working days and holidays by yourself. No need do depend on the boss’s timetable.


The price on barber’s services is high and the clients are worthy. You communicate with good people and make new useful contacts.

About us

The network of barbershops Mr.Colt

Barbershop Mr.Colt is a place where ancient traditions, a unic atmosphere and all the modern developments of barber craftsmanship are meet. There is very comfortable to work. The clients are coming with pleasure. The interior is unic and it is worth to get your attention. Since 2016 there opened three affiliates of our barbers in Kyiv. All of them have a convenient location with good transport interchange. There are always crowded and we work in a full swing. Every day we improve ourselves and look for new opportunities for successful development.

retro barber
retro barber
retro barber

Barber school

What are the benefits of our school
time and place

You can choose one of our affiliates where you will be teached. The schedule of classes is formed according to your wishes.

100% guarantee
of gaining a mastery

The standard course program includes 35 practical hours. But training lasts until you become a professional barber.


The training master has a huge experience in men's haircuts, has practiced in Europe and has a unique shaving techniques.


We focus on practice. Therefore, theory occupies a smaller part of the course. Models for haircuts are provided by our school.


Nikita Shipilov

He became interested in barbering when it only started to be popular in Ukraine. Over the past 5 years, he exchanged experiences and worked in barbershops in Ukraine and Europe. One of the most demanded master in barbershop Mr.Colt. As the graduates of Nikita say, due to his sociability, the learning process becomes easy and fun.

At Mr.Colt Barber School, Nikita Shipilov shares his rich experience of male haircuts of all difficulty levels, beard modeling, shaving and gray hair camouflage.

The process

How is the training goes

Get to know each other. Overview of the barber profession, history, basic nuances.

Psychology of communication with the client. How to find an approach to the most fastidious visitor.

Learning to cut. Haircuts, shaving beards and mustaches, gray hair camouflage. We share experiences, reveal secrets.

The final lesson. You receive the diploma. And we hope to see you again.

retro barber
retro barber
retro barber


Studying programs

Learning from scratch for beginners

Full learning course on barber
  • Duration - 35 hours
  • The technique of men's haircuts and shaving
  • Psychology of customer service and more
  • We also train girls
40 000 UAH
Become a barber

Mastery Improvement

Express course for practicing masters
  • Duration - 15 hours
  • The technique of men's haircuts and shaving
  • Psychology of customer service and more
  • We also train girls
32 000 UAH


One-time workshop
  • Duration - 2 hours
  • Shaving or shaving technique
  • Beauty tools and materials’ Excursion
  • We also train girls
6 000 UAH
Take part


What do they say about our school
Dmitry Ryabykin

Mr. Colt Barber School Graduate

Barber School Mr.Colt

Academy of male hairdressers


What will you get as a result of training

The cost of training from scratch includes a "starting set of barber" - a dangerous razor, professional scissors and other tools.

Good time in an atmospheric place

Our barbershops are famous for their unique cozy atmosphere. During the training you will receive a lot of positive emotions from hanging out at Mr.Colt.

The best learners will be invited to our team

If during the training you will stand out against the background of your comrades, we will be happy to make an offer for you to become a part of the Mr.Colt team.

Prestigious diploma from Mr.Colt Barber School

After graduation, you will receive a diploma of a professional barber-master - a great help when applying for a job.

Expendable materials, tools and models

We provide all necessary supplies and tools for practical training. Our team is also looking for models for haircuts.

You are a professional barber

Upon completion of training, you become a real professional and you can safely get a job in any barbershop, having received our recommendations.


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Become a barber